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Our apartment is located in the central area of Carinthia, in the old town of St. Veit an der Glan.


The historical town center of St. Veit is accessible on foot within 5 minutes.


Educational institutions, like the University of Klagenfurt, the colleges at Klagenfurt and Feldkirchen,  Stift St. Georgen am Längsee, Schloss Krastowitz and so on can be reached easily within a short time. Also several industrial enterprises can be reached easily.


There is a plenty of recreations and leisure time possibilities. The nearby lakes, as for example Längsee; Kraigersee or even Wörthersee provide drinking water quality. A dense network of cycle and horseriding paths and public footpaths is to your disposal, as well as tennis courts, an indoor tennis center, several possibilities for horse riding, a golf course, an indoor aquatic centre with a spacious sauna and wellness area, furthermore castles, palaces and museums and so on ....


Events are at your disposal around the year: Whether the GTI meeting at Reifnitz / Wörthersee or the Harley Davidson meeting, the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam or the Iron Man contest, the Carinthian Summer or the Musi - Open Air, Carinthia provides interesting events for all seasons. In addition, there is a number of interesting fairs and exhibitions at Klagenfurt, international dog shows, sporting and dancing contests, the traditional Wiesenmarkt at St. Veit and many events more.





Coming from Klagenfurt:


You drive on the S37 and leave it at "St. Veit-Süd / Glandorf" (exit 285), then turn left to the town center. Now you drive on the Klagenfurter Straße, straight ahead.

After a railway gate you will come to a crossing with a traffic light. On the crossing turn right immediately, then you will find yourself in front of our house.

Coming from Treibach / Friesach / Neumarkt:


You leave the S37 at "St. Veit an der Glan" (exit 286), then go right to the town centre. Follow this street until you get to a roundabout, you leave it at exit 2. At the next traffic light turn left and immediately left once more, you will find yourself in front of our house.

Coming from Feldkirchen / Ossiacher See:


The B94 Ossiacher Straße will lead you directly to the town center. You pass two traffic lights, you leave the following roundabout at the first exit.

Now you are on the Klagenfurter Straße. Follow the street. At the first traffic light you turn left and you will find yourself directly in front of our house.

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